What is a convenience signature?

A convenience signature is basically a small “mass processing” in which several documents are signed via a so-called service as soon as they are in the defined input directory. The signaturePIN is entered once and the number of documents defined by the license is provided with an invisible signature. If this number is exceeded, another PIN-Entry required.


  • The license for comfort signature has been imported
  • Multi-signature card is available

Setup in Sign Live! CC:

  • Via menu item Tools> Settings please by Signatures> Signature device> signITsmartcard the check boxes PIN-Entry required and PIN-Entry via secure terminal only  deactivate.
    PIN- Allow caching Please visit activate. The settings window with [OK] shut down.
  • Via menu item Tools> Services> Service Container Management open this.
    - There with that green plus sign add a service container and select "file system" as type [OK].
    - In the "General container settings" ID assigned (name of the service container) and for services the one there green plus sign to press.
    - Select the service type "Signature creation"And as type"Signature with smart card session". [OK]
    - At FSM-Monitoring allows you to define the directories. The directories are in the directory as default /<.SignLiveCC>/ created.

You start the signature service with the green arrow.

Created: 28.04.2021 - 11: 46
Stand: 28.04.2021 - 11: 49