The blacklist status and online status are unknown in the validation result of a signature.

When validating, the validity of certificates is usually first checked via OCSP query (online status query). Access to the internet is necessary for this. A blacklist is only used for checking if this query fails. However, blacklists are not made available by all trust centers.
Please check the following settings when installing Sign Live! CC:

  • Extras> Settings> Signatures> Signature validation> Certificate validation: Is the "Perform online status check" option activated?
  • If you use a proxy to access the Internet, the access data must be configured under Extras> Settings> Internet connection.

If both settings are correct, please send a test document with the signature that showed the error during validation to for further error analysis Email to support. If this is not possible, carry out the incorrect validation again and send us the current log file.

Created: 10.05.2021 - 10: 29
Stand: 07.10.2021 - 15: 30