JMX is a Java technology that can be used to remotely monitor any JVM. In addition to the JVM's standard information about memory and threads, intarsys products provide a range of application-specific information in the form of MBeans. This information can be queried and monitored via the Java tool jconsole (and also via many other freely available clients).

How do I configure such monitoring?

In the following, you will learn how to set up a remote connection to a JVM for can build up.
Security aspects are deliberately not taken into account. For this and more in-depth information, please refer to the linked information.

  1. JVM the vorbereit
    Digression for SLCC/PDFA/SLcsbridge:

    For the use of JMX on the client side (where the intarsys product is operated) a complete JRE thats it!
    The above products are offered at reduced prices JREs shipped. Therefore, it must first be ensured that the intarsys product comes with a complete JRE starts.
    You will find information on this in this FAQ SLCC with my" JVM start.

    Configuration of the JVM for remote access
    For remote access to the JVM a port must be defined and, for the sake of simplicity, security mechanisms must be switched off.
    Add the following definitions to your Java configuration (any free port can be used as a port) = 50999 = false = false

    For z. B. SLCC put this data in the file C: \ Program Files \ Sign Live CC 7.1.7 \ bin \ SignLiveCC.exe.vmoptions and restart the application.
    your JVM is now available for remote access via JMX configured.

  2. Connection to JVM build with jconsole
    Start the Java tool jconsole on the client.
    You can find it in your Java installation (JDK) z. E.g. in the path C: \ Program Files \ Java \ zulu11.48.21-ca-jdk11.0.11-win_x64 \ bin \ jconsole.exe

    Select the one to be monitored JVM via the defined connection data:

    acknowledge the warning

    ... and you get access to the JVM. After switching to the tab MBeans do you read e.g. B. the current license status:


More information

  1. The version of the client JDKs is independent of the one used in the intarsys product.
    It has to be JDK .
  2. When accessing from localhost, there is no need to define a port or switch off security. 


More detailed information




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