Signatures generated with intarsys products produce results in some validation tools that contain the terms "PARTIAL / FULL PDF" or "Empty revision".

intarsys signature products integrate LTV * information as a new revision in the PDF document.

Most validation tools ignore this technical detail. However, some validation tools alert the user of this fact by using the subject of the test as a PARTIAL PDF describe ( EU DSS demonstration WebApp ) or indicate that the document is a empty revision includes.

The generated signatures conform to the spec and even have to be generated as long as the LTV information is added after the signature.
These statements have no relevance for the validity of the checked signatures.

* LTV - Long Term Validation
LTV information includes OCSP responses and / or revocation lists for the certificates that are required for an examination. These data facilitate the subsequent verification of the signatures and make it possible that the verification can even take place without a network connection.


Created: 08.09.2021 - 11: 43
Stand: 08.09.2021 - 11: 44