In cases where the validating Sign Live! CC-Instance has / may not have an Internet connection and therefore cannot reach the TSL server, the following workaround is available:

  1. Install a Sign Live! CCTSL instance on a computer that is permitted to access TSL servers on the Internet.
    Version and patch level should match those of the Sign Live! CCValidation instance.
  2. Run on the Sign Live! CCTSL instance the Update of the TSL .
    You can find the updated TSL in the directory \ tsl - for example C: \ Users \ \ .SignLiveCC_7. \ tsl
  3. Replace on the Sign Live! CC-Validation instance the contents of the directory \ tsl through the TSLs on the Sign Live! CC-TSL instance.
    It is important that the replacement takes place completely! Everything else requires detailed know-how about the internal structure of the TSLs.
  4. On the Sign Live! CC validation instance by restarting.

This workaround uses internal Sign Live! CC- Processes that you cannot influence.

Created: 21.09.2021 - 12: 05
Stand: 07.10.2021 - 16: 02