Sign Live! CC 7.1.8 was already available for download as a Mac OS 12 Monterey was published. This is why Sign Live! CC Version 7.1.8  for Mac OS 12 Monterey not Approved.
If you are using MacOS Monterey, please update to the current version Sign Live! CC 7.1.9.x (or higher).

If you are using Monterey and not updating to Sign Live! 7.1.9 can be done, then you can use the utility Monterey SignLive use that you here can download. Please note that the application SIgn Live! in your program folder must be as follows:

Sign Live CC

Should this read differently (e.g. Sign Live! CC 7.1), then you must absolutely rename the program to the given name before starting the utility program.
Users who are familiar with the command line and the terminal can also enter the following shell commands in a zsh in the terminal in order to Sign Live! CC to start on Monterey:

% export DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH = / Applications / Sign \ Live \ / Applications / Sign \ Live \ / Applications / Sign \ Live \ \ Live \ CC \ Launcher

Please note that every new call of Sign Live! CC must be done from the terminal.

Depending on the installation name of Sign Live on your Mac in the directory Programme (Applications) the command lines may have to be adapted. However, we recommend the utility program until it is released for Monterey Monterey SignLive to use.

Created: 29.10.2021 - 08: 38
Stand: 03.06.2022 - 08: 49