From different applications - for example ADDISON of the company "Wolters Kluwer" - you can in MAGPIE sign.

For this you need PKCS# 11 drivers we in Sign Live! CC provide.
You can find them in Sign Live! CC via menu item Tools> Settings> Libraries> PKCS#11.

Please note:

  • It will be one RSA-Signature card - for example the D-TRUST - needed. Signature cards that ECC (Elliptic curve cryptography) are not supported by this library.
  • Sign Live! CC is required at least version 7.1.9.

Please configure the driver directly in the application to be used.
Please note that you are alone with Sign Live! CC in MAGPIE cannot sign.

Created: 06.12.2021 - 14: 00
Stand: 15.11.2022 - 15: 09