When using the D-TRUST cards 3.1 or D-TRUST cards 3.1 multicard can result in an error message when signing "The data received do not match the data sent. Either the application is not configured for the signature card used (wrong hash algorithm) or the data has been manipulated "  kommen.

  • Sure you have Sign Live! CC still in use in version 7.0.6. This error message has been eliminated by updating to the current version. In case you Sign Live! CC within or in combination with another partner software use, talk about installing the new version please beforehand with the manufacturer of this application. If an update is possible, please note the Release Notes.
  • If an update is not possible, please play the hotfix Sign Live! CC Hotfix DTRUST 3.1 Card a. This hotfix is ​​available exclusively for the version 7.0.6 to disposal. Please check in Sign Live! CC  via menu item Help> About the version number.


Created: 17.08.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX
Updated: 05.11.2020

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