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DATEV Marketplace Expo online 2024


At the DATEV Marketplace Expo online, you can experience the ecosystem in detail and find out about numerous DATEV Marketplace partners. Learn about complementary solutions related to the DATEV product portfolio and let us show you how you can benefit from the collaborative partnership.

Around 60 DATEV Marketplace partners will present their solution in conjunction with DATEV software in sessions using live demos. For the first time, a virtual trade fair will also be held in which around 20 other DATEV Marketplace partners will participate. Meet intarsys as an "exhibitor" at the DATEV Marketplace Expo


themes of the event

    • At the event, participants can not only get to know our partners, but also learn why DATEV relies on software cooperation and how our members and customers benefit from it.

target audience

    • tax consultant
    • Auditors
    • DATEV customers

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