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Advantages for those insured with the AOK: Digital interfaces through the use of the electronic seal

Case study by D-Trust shows the use of the e-seal at the AOK

(press box) (Karlsruhe, May 04.05.2022th, XNUMX) Health insurance companies have been pioneers for many years when it comes to digitization. Because, on the one hand, they have to serve the concerns of millions of insured persons every day, and on the other hand, they are obliged to be transparent with official inspection bodies and ministries.

The AOK already relies on digital processes in many places. Together with D-Trust GmbH, SEAL Systems AG and intarsys GmbH, AOK has now also introduced the e-seal as integrity protection for electronic documents via its IT system house, AOK Systems GmbH.

Flexible architecture allows interfaces to electronic sealing

AOK Systems has been working with conversion solutions from SEAL Systems since 2015. The intarsys software and the Seal cards from D-Trust, a Bundesdruckerei Group company. Together, these enable the use of the qualified electronic seal.

In this way, customers have three possible interfaces for the electronic sealing of documents:

    •  A pure sealing order without additional conversion
    •  A merging of documents with the affixing of a seal
    •  A conversion to the PDF-A standard with the application of a seal

E-seal for the digital inbox

A look at AOK Lower Saxony shows how the qualified electronic seal works in practice. This uses the interface for electronic sealing with up to three multi-Seal cards the D Trust.

If you would like to know more about how the AOK Lower Saxony uses the e-seal for its electronic inbox, read the case study by D-Trust. Here you can also find out what benefits the use of the e-seal has for health insurance companies and their policyholders.

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