Qualified signature for auditors and tax advisors

Digitally sign reports

Auditors can now use their electronic seal in DATEV Carry out the final examination and then electronically sign your examination reports in a qualified manner. The digital legal traffic for examiners sets the EU-Regulation eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services) and the corresponding adaptation of the professional statutes for auditors and sworn accountants.

FAQs for Sign Live! CC DATEV edition

TRUST LISTS (TSL): - Update failed

With Brexit that has UK closed his trusted list. As a result, updating trusted lists may fail.

For Sign Live! CC Versions older than version 7.1 6 do not have a hotfix. In this case, you have to migrate to the current version.

DATEV Edition: How do I get the download?

For the signature from the DATEV-Environment must compellingly the Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition be installed. Otherwise, the proper execution of a signature from the DATEVEnvironment cannot be guaranteed. The Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition is available for download in a protected area on our homepage. The required access rights are set up individually. You will receive the information about this together with the license you have purchased.
You will be informed about the setup of the user data by email. If necessary, please also check your spam folder.

If you have not been granted access, please send an appropriate email to support@intarsys.de.


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DATEV Edition: Information about the use of Sign Live! CC DATEV Edition in DATEV applications

In collaboration with the DATEV became the product Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition developed. You can find important information under the following links:

Learn how to digitally seal and sign an audit report as well as further links to the DATEV Marketplace:

Post in DATEVmagazine, issue 12/2018 for DATEV-Wizards for qualified signature:
Practical information from WPK on the subject Electronic examination notes and reports:

In the service video "Qualified digital signature of reports“The complete signature process is described in detail.

In addition to the signature software, you also need a signature card and a card reader. You can get the signature card at the D-TRUST (Federal Printing Office) under https://www.bundesdruckerei.de/de/bestellen acquire. We recommend as a card reader PURE SCT RFID comfort.

To ensure that the signature from the DATEV-Environment it is imperative that the Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition installed. Access to this version is set up individually.

The Order process of the Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition you can under https://www.intarsys.de/DATEV-Edition-purchase trigger.



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Can I use Sign Live! CC DATEV Edition also sign documents outside of the DATEV environment?

Yes, Sign Live! CC DATEV-Edition also offers the possibility to sign other documents. A quick guide like you PDF or other files can be found in the  Tutorial “Sign Live! CC Qualified signing and validation

Updated: September 2020
Created: September 2020

SIGNING: How can I customize a signature on PDF documents?

The presentation of the signature can be designed individually. The procedure is in  Tutorial "Design signature field display" described. 
It is essential to ensure that the last variable in the Appearance window contains a value. A line break as the last variable would lead to an error message (internal cryptographic library error).

Updated: September 2020
Created: March 2020

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