Signature creation

Handwritten signature securely combined with electronic signature

Handwritten electronic signatures are becoming increasingly important in the business world and can therefore be used anywhere where there is no statutory or legal requirement for using the written form BGB §126a and thus for the qualified electronic signature - so for so-called "form-free agreements" - the handwritten signature can be used. The inestimable advantage: the PIN it is easy to forget your own signature!

Expand Sign Live! CC signatureclient to the "tablet option" and add in PDF-Document using tablet PCs, graphic tablets and other input devices your handwritten electronic signature. At the same time, the entire PDF-Document signed with a certificate/timestamp and thus electronically protected against subsequent changes. The certificate for the signature process can be on a USB-Stick, one Smartcard or in the certificate store. If a timestamp is desired, it should come from a trusted certification service provider. Optionally, the characteristic information of the signature, such as writing speed and imprint thickness, etc. can be saved as biometric data PDF-Document can be inserted.

Signature workflow with CoSIMA

With the integrated dialog-oriented and preconfigured “CoSIMA” function blocks, you can easily automate your processes. Convert, sign, email and archive with one click. That signed PDF-Document can then be sent directly and without media discontinuity by e-mail, transferred to subsequent processes in the workflow or an archiving system.

Paperless workflows with handwritten signature

Sign Live! CC tablets can be used for various industry-typical work processes, such as signing patient files, doctor's letters or patient information sheets, signing contracts with banks and insurance companies or signing applications, protocols, confirmations in the internal process or in the technical field service.

application scenarios