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proNEXT Archive Manager

proNEXT Archive Manager

BSI-certified software for legally compliant electronic storage


proNEXT Archive Manager

proNEXT Archive Manager includes all components that are required for audit-proof storage, especially of documents with qualified signatures, and for maintaining the validity of signatures and electronic seals according to eIDAS.

The after latest test scheme (version 1.2.1) the BSI 03125 (TR-ESOR) certified proNEXT Archive Manager technology offers all cryptographic extensions required for Ensuring the probative value of electronic documents according to §371a of the Code of Civil Procedure are necessary.


proNEXT Archive Manager
preservation of evidence per day
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... are automatically processed by customers with the proNEXT Archive Manager.

Long-term archiving - This is how proNEXT Archive Manager supports

Automatic preservation of verifiability of archived documents

And your original becomes immutable
proNEXT Archive Manager ensures the automatic preservation of the highest possible legal probative value of electronic documents - even if particularly long retention periods are necessary, e.g. invoices, contract documents, certificates, wills, test reports,...

Interfaces to archives and specialist procedures

Easy integration into your IT environment
Whether from your e-mail inbox, a specialist application, for example an ERP system, a document management system (DMS) or a scan process on the client, the variety of interfaces of the proNEXT Archive Manager also understands your system and upgrades it to an audit-proof long-term storage .

Automatic long-term archiving according to BSI TR-ESOR

So that documents do not lose their probative value
proNEXT Archive Manager uses the cryptographic process of creating a hash tree in accordance with BSI specifications to store your electronic documents in a legally compliant manner. As an IT system that preserves the value of evidence, proNEXT Archive Manager generates an electronic archive time stamp for archived documents and signatures and automatically signs the hash tree again and again.


customer voice

“In view of the repeated and current security problems facing large companies, we have placed special emphasis on the topic of security. The procilon offers the highest level of security for the data superhighway using the latest technology for the areas of authentication, the creation and subsequent verification of digital signatures, as well as the secure archiving of documents.”

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As an IT system that preserves evidence, the proNEXT Archive Manager generates an electronic archive timestamp for archived documents and signatures and automatically re-signs the hash tree. The component offers all cryptographic extensions that are necessary to ensure the evidentiary value of electronic documents in accordance with Section 71a of the Code of Civil Procedure.

In addition to archives, the software can also be integrated into document management systems and/or e-file solutions and is certified according to BSI 03125 TR -ESOR.

In accordance with the eIDAS regulation is the exact procedure for Germany in the technical guideline BSI TR 03125 (BSI TR-ESOR) clearly described. The BSI also publishes the security-relevant cryptographic algorithms in the form of a catalogue.

So within the framework of long-term archiving can Maintaining the probative value of electronic signatures can be used, the point in time at which the signature was created must be documented conclusively in a suitable "evidence-preserving" IT system. This creates one Archive Timestamp and signs archived documents including their signatures again and again.

If a signed document is then requested from the archive system at any time and it is determined during verification that the cryptographic algorithms and parameters are no longer suitable for security, a Evidence document (with all timestamps generated to date) be proven that this electronically signed document was re-signed in a timely manner and its get legal usability at a hunt.

In contrast to paper documents, the evidentiary suitability of electronically signed documents can "disappear" over time. The reason for this is the Loss of security suitability of cryptographic algorithms. In addition, the directories and documents required for checking certificates may no longer be available.

As a result, when archiving digital documents, it must not only be ensured that these can be found at any time are, but also for one possible evidence in court can be used.

In the filing and storage of electronic documents and data is an implementation of Security goals at the highest possible level of technology necessary. The elementary evidence for this can be found in the Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) § 371 a "Probative value of electronic documents". This is additionally supported by the Europe-wide applicable eIDAS regulation affirmed.

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Qualified electronic signature: ECJ ruling of February 29.02.2024, 25 A current ECJ ruling specifies the interpretation of Article XNUMX of the Regulation (EU)...