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Mesalvo Ltd

The Mesalvo Group was formed in the summer of 2021 through the merger of Meona GmbH with i-SOLUTIONS Health GmbH and their subsidiaries E.care BVBA and DATAPEC GmbH.

Around 400 employees at eight locations and a joint executive management team consisting of Christian Krüger, William Barrett Oliver, PD Dr. medical Tobias Schaefer, Joachim Schweizer and Dr. medical Matthias Wuttke, support healthcare providers in custom-fit expansion for the challenges of the digital future.

With concentrated expertise, we want to make patient treatment even safer and better and support our customers with tailor-made expansion for the challenges of the digital future.

Our software solutions create more time for patients, ensure smooth, fully digital processes without media breaks and thus relieve the medical staff. Mesalvo thus makes a significant contribution to improving quality and patient safety in healthcare.

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