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E-government – ​​simply integrated electronic seals and signatures!


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All authorities and their IT-Service providers are working on the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG). This is about online access by citizens to applications, forms and ultimately all services provided by the authorities. But how does the process look for the authority as a whole? What does the return channel look like? How do citizens receive a legally valid and unchangeable electronic decision?

Electronic signatures and seals are used for this purpose, which come from trust service providers in accordance with the eIDAS regulation. Add a piece of software like Sign Live! for controlling and designing the signature, ideally integrated into the solution used in-house to create it.

The pioneer here is the judiciary, which conducts electronic communication via e-justice within the framework of dedicated special mailboxes, and also lists the qualified electronic signature.

Modern specialist procedures in e-government use software from intarsys for signatures and seals:

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E-government – ​​simply integrated electronic seals and signatures!