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The companies of the procilon group have specialized in the development of cryptographic software and strategic advice on information security and data protection for 20 years.

Today more than 1500 companies, organizations and authorities have taken preventive technical and organizational measures to protect their data with procilon support.  Discover our references

Since the end of 2021, the intarsys GmbH to the procilon GROUP. intarsys, founded in Karlsruhe in 1996 as a consulting company in the banking sector, has meanwhile developed into one of the leading software manufacturers for everything to do with electronic signatures, seals and time stamps. 

The first customers use digital process structure for holistic workflows Hollern, Karlsruhe and Taucha, November 07.11.2023th, XNUMX - The companies GekoS mbH from Hollern in Lower Saxony and procilon