Savings Bank Edition
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Sign Live! CC Sparkasse Edition

Sign Live! CC Sparkasse Edition

Sparkasse customers can use this software free of charge. Please contact your savings bank for details.

FAQs about the Sign Live! CC Sparkasse Edition

Will in the Sign Live! CC SPARKASSEN edition If the validation report is generated with "extended options", the report can be attached to the original document. This causes the signatures to be marked with a red X. The message "The document has been changed since it was signed and is no longer valid" appears with the signatures.

According to the current PDF specification, the signature must be "broken" when the document is changed (page was attached). This behavior is correct according to the PDF specification.

Do not attach the validation report to the original document, but save it as a separate file. By default, the report is given the name .valreport.pdf.

When opening a bank statement in the Sign Live! CC Sparkasse Edition it will be validated automatically. This can take a few seconds. Once this process is complete, you will see on the left side of the screen on the "Sidebar" that the signature is valid.

If the message "Identity is unknown" appears in the validation report, you probably have an old version of the Sign Live! CC Sparkasse Edition in action. Please take one update to the current one Sign Live! CC SPARKASSEN edition before. You can obtain access to the current version from your Sparkasse.

The Sign Live! CC Sparkasse Edition was programmed exclusively for Windows.
Customers using MacOS X can download the software for Mac at download. Even without a license, Sign Live! CC signatures are checked.

There are the following differences to the Sparkassen edition:

  • During installation you will be asked for a product key. This query can be skipped.
  • The test reports as PDF can only with watermark and reference to a demo version be generated.

For the interactive verification of signatures, this solution can be used analogously to Sign Live! CC Sparkasse Edition should be used.

The Sign Live! CC Savings Bank Edition was commissioned by the DSGV (German Savings Banks and Giro Association) and made available to the business customers of the savings banks free of charge. It is intended for checking the signatures on account statements.

You will receive the download link from your Sparkasse.