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Is there a "silent install" for Sign Live?

When creating an installation medium for Windows, the software "InnoSetup" from "JRSoftware" is used.

Innosetup supports the "Silent Install" function. Installation parameters recorded once can be used in subsequent installations.

For example:

Create a file with your installation parameters by calling the following command line:

  • setup_SignLive_CC_JRE_6.2.1_64Bit.exe /SAVEINF="c:\temp\install.inf"

Adjust the file if necessary and use the saved parameters via the call

  • setup_SignLive_CC_JRE_6.2.1_64Bit.exe /SILENT /LOADINF="c:\temp\install.inf"

for further installations.

You can find more call parameters for Innosetup here

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