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Interoperability with signatures from docusign, AdobeSign, ...

Users are increasingly noticing that documents signed with Internet-based signature service providers in combination with Sign Live! CC signed cannot be fully validated correctly. The following typical cases have occurred:

– docusign removes other existing signatures before creating a docusign signature.
– docusign and AdobeSign create final signatures that prevent adding more valid signatures.

- AdobeSign creates a certification signature as a completion signature after one or more confirmation signatures. This procedure contradicts DIN/ISO 32000.

– AdobeSign currently (10.03.2023/XNUMX/XNUMX) uses a signature certificate whose validity status returns the status “unknown” via OCSP. This leads into Sign Live! C.C.C to the validation result "unknown".
We can only advise our customers to contact the creators of the signatures and work towards creating interoperable signatures.

The signature servicest d.velop sign Fortunately, it creates interoperable signatures.

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