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SIGNING: Signing in the ZSVR – packaging register – (LUCID)

For the packaging register must embedded Signatures in PAdES format be generated. PDF signatures are in Sign Live! CC created by default in the required PAdES format.

How to create an embedded signature in Sign Live! CC:

  • Starten Sie Sign Live! C.C.C.
  • Open the PDF file to be signed with Menu item File> Open.
  • The signature process is carried out via the menu Tools> Signature Functions> Sign Document started.
  • Select PDF signature – PDF internal signature according to PDF specification and press [Next].
  • In the window Signature field position select the option Create a new signature field. After pressing [Next] the mouse pointer changes. Now, while holding down the left mouse button, open a field in the desired position and size on the PDF.
  • As soon as you release the left mouse button, the window opens Signature field representation. Choose here Standard [Continue].
  • Choose the signature device SignIT smartcard CC – Sign with a signature card and card reader at work [Further]. If you have not already done so, please insert the signature card into the card reader.
  • Im Window Identity The card reader used and the certificate from the signature card are displayed. Depending on the setting, multiple certificates can be displayed. Please select the certificate with the Purpose: qualified signature [Continue].
  • The  Window Attribute certificates can with [Next] skipped .
  • You will now be prompted to enter your personal PIN. Enter the PIN on the card reader and confirm your entry also on the card reader.
  • The successful signature is saved in Sign Live! C.C.C displayed in the left application window.

Please note that in order to create a qualified signature Sign Live! C.C.C must be licensed. A license for Windows or Mac OS can be obtained from our  Shop be acquired.

Qualified electronic signature: ECJ ruling of February 29.02.2024, 25 A current ECJ ruling specifies the interpretation of Article XNUMX of the Regulation (EU)...