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Update / Migration: Adoption of the settings

When reinstalling Sign Live! C.C.C or when changing computers, it can be helpful to adopt settings from an existing installation.
The settings of Sign Live! C.C.C are stored in the profile directory of the application.

  • (Windows client: C:\Users\<user>\.SignLiveCC_<major>.<minor>)
  • (Windows server: C:\ProgramData\.SignLiveCC_<major>.<minor>)

The following subdirectories can be adopted:
"preferences" (includes settings made via "Extras > Settings")
"instruments" (includes configurations of service containers, signature pools, timestamps, configurations for signIT gears, etc.)
"licenses" (may include the license)
"db" (should be adopted if own certificates are stored in the certificate store of Sign Live! C.C.C were imported)

A quick guide to migration is available as a Tutorial ready for download.

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