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Signing is now as easy as making an online transfer

Signing is now as easy as making an online transfer

The signature solution from intarsys now supports the yes® service for qualified electronic signatures in accordance with the eIDAS regulation

In many cases, a legally binding signature is also required for online transactions. In the past this usually meant printing out the document, signing it, scanning it and sending it back by email. With the advancing digitization, the electronic signature is now establishing itself as a practicable solution. It's much less complicated and saves both time and resources. Yes.com AG and the intarsys AG go one step further: with the integration of yes® into the intarsys signature solution, the electronic signature is as easy as an online transfer.

Integration of yes® in Sign Live! cloud suite gears

As a signature solution, Sign Live! cloud suite gears a set of components and functions to create signatures, seals and timestamps that can be embedded in web applications or web services environments. On this basis, Sign Live! cloud suite gears an on-premise platform for the application of electronic trust services eIDAS regulation ready.

With yes®, a service is available with which users can log into apps and websites using their known banking login, confirm their identity or creditworthiness, and make payments. By integrating the open banking ecosystem of yes® in Sign Live! cloud suite gears the process "sign documents" is now also possible with one click.

The implementation of the service is even easier in companies and administrations, and the strict use of the hash signature means that the documents only remain in the IT-Infrastructure of the customer. The required signature fields are applied by the implementation in the business application or interactively by the user.

For users, this means: They can identify themselves with their known banking login and sign a previously known document in the same step, so to speak.

Easy signing in the business process

"With the integration, we are making the electronic signature as easy as an online transfer," begins Markus Schuster, intarsys sales manager AG. "The solution is perfect for business processes in which the user only needs the signature occasionally, such as when leasing a car or taking out a consumer loan."

Dennis Heydorn, Head of Key Accounts at yes.com, is also convinced of the cooperation: “When we started the QUESTIONS– To put the bank and savings bank solution through its paces internally, we looked for a solution and found the right one at intarsys. We are very pleased that this product is now available to all interested companies. Together we make e-signing easier than ever.”

Secure authentication in seconds

The intarsys solution enables the simple integration of signature, seal and time stamp in the company's own specialist systems and customer portals. The technical specifications of signatures and the connections to the trust services can thus easily be used by the customer without the customer having to deal with the services used in more detail.

In this way, more than 30 million customers can use their online banking access data to securely authenticate themselves and confirm their identity. The whole process only takes a few seconds. The cooperation makes it easy for companies to integrate the solution from the banks and savings banks into their app or website.

More about yes: https://www.yes.com/de
More about Sign Live! cloud suite gears: https://www.intarsys.de/produkte/sign-live-cloud-suite-gears

Via yes.com
For customers of a bank with yes®, an identity confirmation is as easy as a transfer: Users: inside order the direct data transfer from the bank's systems to the requesting partner. The data is not stored or evaluated anywhere else.

The identity service yes® is a simple, fast and media discontinuity-free alternative to established identification solutions and is in writing. In addition to the approximately 35 million activated customers of the more than 1.000 Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken and Sparkassen, yes® will soon be offered to all online banking users.

Partners participate in modular contract models, simple billing processes and transparent liability conditions. The offer was made taking into account the PSD2– and eIDAS regulations and offers the possibility of a Europe-wide digital identity that guarantees the highest standards in terms of security and data protection.

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Qualified electronic signature: ECJ ruling of February 29.02.2024, 25 A current ECJ ruling specifies the interpretation of Article XNUMX of the Regulation (EU)...