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XIMA and procilon GROUP enter into a partnership

Taucha, Dresden April 04.04.2023th, XNUMX – FORMCYCLE is a low-code application from Dresden-based XIMA MEDIA GmbH, which supports administrations in digitizing and automating their administrative services. With FORMCYCLE, users can create and manage individual forms and processes. This enables administrations to replace paper forms with digital forms and automate processes without the need for any programming skills.

FORMCYCLE now has Sign Live! cloud suite gears integrated the solution for digital signatures and seals from intarsys, a procilon GROUP company, into their application. The expansion of process and form management with digital signatures enables customers to quickly integrate an out-of-the-box solution for legally secure approval procedures into their processes. This is of great benefit in particular for a large number of processes in which a legally valid signature of the documents is required. By connecting Sign Live! cloud suite gears digital signatures can be attached directly to the document - location-independent, flexible and legally compliant. In addition to a simplified workflow, customers have the advantage of being able to manage, process and send digital and digitized data in a holistic process without media discontinuity.

The joint solution is already being used successfully by the first customers.

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The first customers use digital process structure for holistic workflows Hollern, Karlsruhe and Taucha, November 07.11.2023th, XNUMX - The companies GekoS mbH from Hollern in Lower Saxony and procilon