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Since 2014, the Stifterverband has honored research-based companies for the special responsibility they assume for the state and society with the seal of “Innovative through Research”. In 2020 intarsys AG was awarded the “Innovative through Research” seal of approval from the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft eV. The seal of approval is awarded to companies that distinguish themselves through special achievements in research and development. The award takes place within the framework of the biennial survey on "Research and Development in the Economy in Germany", which the Stifterverband carries out on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


The capital management company Helaba Invest is digitizing its business processes with Sign Live! cloud suite gears from intarsys (Karlsruhe / Frankfurt, May 26.05.2020th, XNUMX) As part of its digitization strategy, Helaba Invest aims to completely digitize all paper-based business processes as far as possible. Signatures and approvals, which are indispensable due to regulatory and compliance requirements, pose a particular challenge here. In addition to pure fund management, Helaba Invest has numerous signature requirements, particularly due to its function as a master capital management company. For this reason, Helaba Invest relies on intarsys AG and its ... to digitize the signature and approval processes.


With amxSIGN for Office 365, tedious signature processes are a thing of the past. The solution relies on the functionalities of d.velop sign, which Sign Live! includes cloud suite gears from intarsys. Classic document signatures delay processes, are lengthy and error-prone. Here the document has to be printed, signed, scanned and stored again in a storage location. With amxSIGN for Office 365 from amexus, this complex signature process is a thing of the past. The application has been available to interested users since the beginning of May 2020 and enables digital signatures directly from Microsoft SharePoint. Digital signing made easy amxSIGN for Office 365 is the solution for the so far incomplete end-to-end ...


What are trust services and how can documents also be verified digitally? We asked experts these and other questions about digital signatures and working from mobile workstations or from the home office. Markus Schuster from Intarsys AG and Michael Genth from the Expert Center E-Government at Ceyoniq explain how registered letters and certificates can be verified in the form of electronic signatures and seals and the identity of an authority can be verified on the basis of the Trust Services Act and the eIDAS regulation. You can hear or download the episode right here: Your browser does not support the audio element. A podcast from Ceyoniq Technology GmbH


SEAL Systems AG and intarsys AG are developing a new solution that enables a qualified electronic signature in SAP business processes (Röttenbach, April 01.04.20st, XNUMX) Whether a document has to be provided with a personal signature - manually or electronically - is basically regulated by law. In addition, there are also other regulations from authorities, organizations and interest groups that make a personal signature mandatory so that a document is recognized for a specific use. Just like the manual signature of a natural person, the qualified electronic signature (QES) must also be permanently linked to the document. At SEAL Systems and intarsys this is done via Sign Live! cloud suite ...




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