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Article in DATEVmagazin, issue 12/2018 on the DATEV assistant for qualified signatures Since 2014, digital legal transactions in the EU have been legitimized by the eIDAS regulation. This created a standard for signing and notarizing electronic documents and thus legal security that you can use: Sign any documents very easily with the DATEV wizard for a qualified signature. This is how it works: You can start the wizard directly from any document in PDF or Office file format via File | To press. The printer "Assistant for the qualified signature" is automatically installed with the DATEV program derivatives DATEV final audit / balance report / consolidation / audit ÖR ...


Bern, October 17, 2018 Many companies, authorities and service providers want to use digital signatures, but they fear the expense of introducing and managing the systems. Swisscom provides a remedy and offers the electronic signature as a comprehensive managed service. This can be integrated into signature applications. The service is now also eIDAS certified. This means that the signatures are legally valid in Switzerland as well as in EU countries. With the All-in Signing Service, Swisscom offers the legally binding electronic signature as a service. As a result, companies, authorities and service providers no longer have to build and manage a comprehensive infrastructure themselves. In addition, Swisscom takes on complete lifecycle management, including ...


Auditing in Practice 01 2018 Mastering the Reporting with DATEV Solutions The end of the chain of many audit procedures is the audit report. This last link is very important because it summarizes all the results of your exam. For this reason, it is very important to DATEV that you can complete your exam comfortably and easily. The solutions for the DATEV final examination therefore always contain the latest IDW innovations. You can find out in the report “Current and tailor-made reporting” on page 4 how easily you can use this in the DATEV final examination. The digitization of report writing is in full swing and will make your work process easier. You can now send your report ...


Sign how you want! Karlsruhe, April 11, 2018 - intarsys AG is presenting its new product Sign Live! At this year's conhIT in Berlin. cloud suite gears before. This means that the customer has access to an application for signature, seal and time stamp with a device-independent interface at any time, anywhere and from any device. In the age of digitization there are more and more electronic documents that require different signatures in different business processes. A simple signature with a “manual” signature may be sufficient for one business process, and an electronic seal is also required for another. Still other business processes require the written form and thus a qualified ...


Examination notes and reports electronically possible in future (Part 2) In order to make an examination note or report as an "electronic original", a qualified electronic signature and the inclusion of an electronic copy of the professional seal are required. Electronic copies of examination reports (non-binding inspection copies) can - as before - also be made available without a qualified electronic signature. The duty of confidentiality must be observed in all e-mail communication with clients. to the practical information




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